Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply?

We recommend that you put in an application 3-4 months before you plan to start studying in Australia. For some institutions, application deadline for Semester 1 is October 31 of the previous year and Semester 2 is April 30 of the same year. Some programs have specific deadline dates and some of them have no deadlines.

What is the application processing time, annual fee & payment methods for post graduate?

The application processing time is 4-6 weeks for Postgraduate (Coursework) programs and  6-8 weeks for Postgraduate (Research) programs. A student’s actual annual fee may vary in accordance with his or her choice of major and electives. The university reviews fee structures annually. Generally, the annual fee for Arts and Social and Humanity is A$16,000-A$20,000/year; for Business and Commerce is A$16,000-A$25,000/year; for Science and Engineering is A$18,000-A$25,000/year; and for Medicine/Surgery and Dentistry is about A$40,000/year. Tuition fees can be paid in the following ways - Telegraphic or Bank Transfer, Bank Draft (cheque) or Credit Card.

What is the standard semester workload of post graduate programs?

Standard semester workload is four subjects and full-time enrolment is three subjects or more per semester. The program consists of lecture, tutorial or practical (laboratory) each week and, in some cases, students might have to undergo field work or attend seminars.

Do I need to attach GRE/GMAT transcript when applying for postgraduate courses?

Most postgraduate courses don't require GRE/GMAT. However, a small number of business schools of Australian universities require GMAT while applying.


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